I love Pink teddy bears, and generally anything Pink and cuddly. I have a sort of obsession for the color Pink and cuddly things, like teddy bears, puppy’s, Panda’s and Hello Kitty too! I really want one of these, “teddy cats” (?).

– Eric Hathaway


Shakespeare’s face

Contrary to popular belief, no, I won’t exactly be writing about Shakespeare’s face, in this particular post. Rather I will be writing about a novel that is about Shakespeare’s face, that novels name is; Shakespeare’s face by Stephanie Nolen. No kidding.

I found two things about this particular novel fascinating, the inherent knowledge and information about William Shakespeare, which I will cover more in detail later on in this post. And the great back story, as we follow a newspaper journalist on a journey to find a real painted portrait of Shakespeare’s face. It’s interesting how open this novel is, to as many audiences as possible, as I will mention later.

The seasoned Shakespeare lover will appreciate and indulge in this novel, and so will the Shakespearian novice. When I first read this novel, I was too, a novice, and in many ways perhaps forever will continue to be a Shakespearian novice. It opened the world of Shakespeare up to me, better then anyone or any other writing on the topic could. Because what once seemed so complex is now, simpler to understand and easier to digest.

It is based on the true story of a newspaper journalist who attempts to uncover a portrait of Shakespeare, many of you are exclaiming, “but there have been many found!”, or something to that effect. And while it may be true that we have found many portraits, no two scholars have completely agreed that they are certain without a doubt it is Shakespeare’s real portrait, his real.. face.

I wont go to far in detail about this novel, as to not give any spoilers, but I can say. It was a great read, a very great one. And a read that opened me up to the world of Shakespeare, I hope, forever.

– Eric Hathaway

The complete works of William Shakespeare, can be found HERE.

A start

A start of a new journey, a start of a new hobby, and a start of a new creation to base my already bad procrastination off of.

What will be found here? At this point, I only have a vague answer; words.

What does Notorious Fiction mean? Well, first. The meaning to me is different than the meaning to you. What does it make you feel, and think?

There is an interesting  journey ahead, and I look forward to it.

– Eric Hathaway